The Large Scale Project
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The Large Scale Project.

This is some book! Never seen anything quite like it, quality and presentation are outstanding, and so is the clarity of recording. Intend to get stuck in this week and see how it goes.

I have had a few sessions now and find the book is great - everything ties up with the CD's, the dots are easy to read, but most of all it's FUN, unlike some other books which are like doing the ironing!

Richard Craik. Southampton.

The Large Scale Project.

To say that The Large Scale Project by Lee Goodall is thorough would be an understatement. It is a monumental piece of work and, as far as I am aware, unique in its approach. With every mode of the major scale covered in every key, starting with simple arpeggio and scale exercises, through patterns and improvisation workouts as well as original compositions in various different styles, each one complimenting the "sound" of the mode, there is enough here to keep anyone going for years. Whether a novice, discovering the modes and learning their scales, or an experienced player having a workout on a particular mode or key, there is something for everyone. One of its strengths is the fact that everything is covered in every key, which means that students of different transposing instruments can get together and play through the tunes and exercises or teachers can use the books as workshop material. Another great asset are the backing cds which come with the book. All meticulously recorded by the multi-talented Lee (who also plays every instrument on every track), there are 78mins of backings for each of the 12 keys. Every exercise in the book for every mode of every key has its own backing track. This means that as well as learning the theory and mechanics of playing each mode and scale, the student gets to really hear the sound of it in a musical setting, which is a vital part of the process. Also, the cds are organised in keys and the exercises progressive, which makes it easy to open the book, let a cd run and work on some less familiar keys. And finally, because the book covers everything in every key it is suitable for every instrument, whatever the transposition. All in all , an extremely useful resource for any musician to have and well worth the out lay.

Buster Birch is co-director of The Original UK Jazz Summer School, a jazz faculty member at Trinity Laban, has led many workshops and is a busy freelance drummer in London.

The Large Scale Project - The Seven Modes of the Major Scale.

Great book, fab quality! Not expensive when you realise the content including the 13 CDs which are marvellous backing tracks/groove examples created by the author (the finest jazz educator in Wales). All you need in one book to become a great improviser and player.

Colin Michell -1st alto (Monmouth Big Band). South Wales.

Seven Modes of the Major Scale.

I've made a start with your LSP and already it's an integral part of my practice. One of the things I like best about the LSP are the backings. First, the quality is excellent - as are all other parts of the LSP, the production values being quite excellent. Second, and particularly valuable to me, is the actual rhythms. I've long been looking for and failing to find practice material with contemporary rhythms. Aebersold, Hal Leonard, Band in the Box, etc. they're all limited to swing (which I love), latin-ish and the occasional three-four. The LSP tracks I've worked with so far all have excellently played rhythms of today - just what I've been looking for!

Alex van Rose. Tenor sax. London.

Have had a brief try through. The beauty is that I can use any instrument, so had a go with my flute as well as soprano sax! It was good to brush the dust of the flute.

I am amazed how you manage to get interesting grooves for each mode which look quite simple on paper but are actually quite a lot more difficult to fit in timing-wise to the backing. It will be a good exercise for me and, once I have mastered this, I can repeat the whole thing in all the keys... awesome!

I also enjoyed listening to your improvisations. You have put a lot of thought and effort into this project. Well done. I hope that I will improve... and the answer to that lies with me!

Best wishes, John Clewett, alto sax. Shropshire.

The Large Scale Project - The Seven Modes of the Major Scale.

As a newcomer to the saxophone I was immediately impressed by Lee Goodall's master work, The Large Scale Project, which provides a satisfying and enjoyable way to practice the seven modes of the major scale. I soon learnt that this was not just another book of scales. Instead, Lee has created a workbook which, for me anyway, has taken the monotony out of practice. Indeed, here are the scales and arpeggios that we must all learn; but we will not be doing this alone. For here in each mode, and in all twelve keys, we have the benefit of a professional backing track. Each instrument, incidentally, played by Lee himself. What a joy to play our exercises against such musicianship, especially when you move on to the 'Groove' section of each key. Tunes especially created with a view to help practice and improvisation. It is my opinion, with its 216 pages and twelve CDs (one for each key) plus a Groove Examples CD, that The Large Scale Project will prove to be a worthwhile investment both for the beginner and advanced player.

Ray Westlake, Tenor Saxophone, South Wales, UK