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What is a major scale and what is a mode?

Take the SCALE OF C MAJOR. Like all MAJOR SCLES, it has a fixed series of intervals between each of the 7 SCALE DEGREES as shown here:


That sequence of intervals stays the same for EACH MODE regardless of the KEY SIGNATURE. The above example of the IONIAN or MAJOR SCALE in the KEY OF C is constructed as follows: R(root), tone (2nd), tone (major 3rd), semitone (4th), tone (5th), tone (6th), semitone (major 7th). This NEVER CHANGES.

For any MAJOR SCALE, a new SCALE can be created by taking as the TONIC or ROOT a DIFFERENT SCALE DEGREE but keeping the INTERVALS between the notes the same as those in the original TONIC/ROOT SCALE (known as the IONIAN SCALE). By doing this, a total of 6 OTHER SCALES or MODES can be derived (each with their individual GREEK NAME). For example, starting from the 2nd SCALE DEGREE, you will derive the DORIAN MODE. Examples for the whole C MAJOR SCALE are shown below:


Since there are 12 MAJOR KEYS, each with 7 MODES, there is a maximum of 84 POSSIBLE MODES within the MAJOR SCALE framework. Getting to know each of the 7 MODES, their  individual musical characters and their sounds is at the heart of The Large Scale Project - The Seven Modes of the Major Scale. You will soon hear the difference between an IONIAN or say a MIXOLYDIAN or LOCRIAN SCALE. A given for any IMPROVISER!

Using the Project’s simple but highly effective system for practice and revision will help your IMPROVISING SKILLS improve rapidly. When you buy a MODULE it will contain 4 MP3 AUDIO TRACKS for SCALE, ARPEGGIO and WARM-UP exercises plus a GROOVE TRACK as well as 3 WRITTEN MUSIC SHEETS (PDFs) which include the INTERMEDIATE GROOVE TUNE that is NOT contained in the WORKBOOKS. You can also purchase MULTI MODULES for EACH KEY (included when WHOLE KEYS or WHOLE SYSTEM are purchased in one go) which allow you to practice over all 7 MODES "back to back" thus consolidating that particular CHAPTER. You will receive SCALE/ARPEGGIO/SOLO and 3 WRITTEN SHEETS if you purchase a WHOLE KEY/WHOLE SYSTEM. The MULTI EXERCISES ARE INCLUDED FREE OF CHARGE along with the CYCLE OF FIFTHS CHART.

NOTE: GUITAR TAB and BASS TAB are also available. Please see SHOP or WHAT'S AVAILABLE for details.


Seven Modes of the Major Scale.

I've made a start with your LSP and already it's an integral part of my practice. One of the things I like best about the LSP are the backings. First, the quality is excellent - as are all other parts of the LSP, the production values being quite excellent. Second, and particularly valuable to me, is the actual rhythms. I've long been looking for and failing to find practice material with contemporary rhythms. Aebersold, Hal Leonard, Band in the Box, etc. they're all limited to swing (which I love), latin-ish and the occasional three-four. The LSP tracks I've worked with so far all have excellently played rhythms of today - just what I've been looking for!

Alex van Rose, Tenor sax, London, UK.