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Lee is a very talented multi-instrumentalist of a very high standard, playing sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes as well as piccolo, flute, alto flute and bass flute. He also plays guitar, drums and percussion, with a few gigs a year on these instruments as well as playing them on many recording sessions.

However, he considers his main instruments to be soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, flute and bass flute. Composing has been a large part of his life and he has worked as a composer for the BBC on projects including the radio plays "Waiting for Concord" and "Clara".
 He lived and played in New York, USA, for many years (1979-1985) performing with a great variety of line-ups including Sahib Sarbib's "Multinational Band". This band recorded one LP/ CD with Lee.

Lee has played on some recordings for "Island Records" with singer Jess Roden, who has now released a five-CD collection entitled "Hidden Masters". Lee is co-composer on some of the material. The producers for this project were Phil Ramone and Joel Dorn and Lee played on sessions with Steve Gadd, Marcus Miller, Will Lee and Dr John amongst other notables.

Lee recorded and toured with Van Morrison for two years (2000-2002). He appears on three of Van's CDs.

Lee appeared on Pete Brown, Phil Ryan records entitled "Road of Cobras" and recently undertook a three-day recording session for Pete's forthcoming CD release. Lee performs with Pete's nine piece band "Psoulchedelia" who have gigs lined up in Europe for 2013. Lee played alto, soprano and flute as part of Keith Tippet's "Tapestry" orchestra and appears on "First Weaving", a live CD release from 2009.

He now lives in Newport, South Wales where he has built an outstanding recording studio and has had many fine jazz and classical musicians through the door. CDs from Oakfield Studios are now released on "Basho Records", "The Rare Music Label" and "33 Records" to name a few.
Lee contributes to a number of working bands in the South Wales area while also teaching at "The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama" in Cardiff for the past 14 years.

Lee tutors on a number of jazz summer schools but namely the original "Barry Jazz Summer School". This summer school relocated from Wales (after 30+ years) to Trinity College where it stayed for three summers. In 2012 it returned to Wales with The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama as the new host venue. Lee has tutored on this course for 22 years.

His recording studio has had some top jazz and classical players through the doors and there are current releases by Paula Gardiner "Hot Lament" (Lee is part of this trio), Liam Noble's "Brubeck" (now available on "Basho" records) and the great Kirk Lightsey who has released a CD entitled "If You're Not Having Fun By Now". Lee plays on two tracks of this CD.

There are a number of CDs featuring Lee's playing but most notably guitarist James Chadwick's "Wacahume" with Martin France, and also a release called "Balloon" from a new band run by bassist/composer Chris Hyson called "Little Fish". Both of these recordings were made at Lee's studio.